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Our Italian specialty foods are made with the goodness of almonds. Our products are inherently free from many allergens thanks to the natural and clean list of ingredients. We take this a step further and manufacture our products in a dedicated gluten free facility removing any risk of cross contamination, making these heavenly products perfect for all. Both the ingredients and final products are tested for traces of gluten, and have resulted negative under 10 PPM. (CFIA guidelines state a product is gluten free if under 20 PPM)

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Benefits of Almonds
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"My family has been Gluten free for 30 years (celiac). There have been very few options over the years for baked goods that don't require freezing, and don't taste like cardboard! I just love your products! The Pie Shells are awesome! They don't crumble, don't require the freezer and taste even better! I've made both sweet pie and savory. The macaroons are also to die for. A friend of mine actually had some at home the other day too as her son is dairy free.... GREAT products! Great Taste! Especially for anyone Celiac, Gluten Sensitive, or Dairy Free!!"

- Jamie Neville

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